Sticky.ID: Enabling a better programmatic ecosystem, one supply partner at a time.

Sticky.ID is a free and simple way to alleviate the headaches of cookie syncing. With Sticky.ID there's no need to build your own user store infrastructure or rely solely on the integrity of your partner's request data.

When supply partners adopt the Sticky.ID framework, buyers can better reach and retarget each user with relevant, impactful advertising. The more supply partners participate, the more valuable everyone's inventory becomes.

How does it work?

Each user is assigned a persistent identifier that anyone in the ecosystem can access, and buyers can use this information to decide if and how to advertise to the user based on their targeting strategy. To further verify who the user is, the data received when the user sees or clicks an ad can be cross-referenced with the initial ad request in real-time to confirm that their profile is a match.

Establishing a whole new paradigm

User IDs vary from publisher to publisher, and they don't always distinguish users from one another. Sticky.ID aims to have a globally shared identifier that can be used across multiple integration relationships.

Built on a platform you can trust

Sticky.ID uses Akamai as a backbone to enable the fastest response time around the globe, ensuring there's never downtime or latency.